09.26.18 Commercials and Promos with Jodi Gottlieb

09.26.18 Commercials and Promos with Jodi Gottlieb

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Jodi Gottlieb’s roots are in the New York theatre where she honed her directing skills. A change of career path brought her to the world of advertising where she was pleased to discover her natural abilities were marketable. She soon became an award-winning VP of Production (Campbell's Soup, Bristol-Meyers, 3M, Hills Bros. Coffee, and many more). Moving to LA as a Senior Broadcast Producer on retail accounts, she was invited to CBS for a three-week assignment as a Writer/Producer and stayed for ten years. As an independent contractor, she has written and produced award-winning promos for CBS, ABC, NBC, Showtime, TBS, USA, ABC Family and many others. She is the co-author of the industry book, “TV: Sex, Lies & Promos.” Invited to guest direct at several VO workshops, she was urged to teach privately and produce demos. Jodi has been teaching VO for over twenty years and specializes in promo, commercial and trailer reads.

Week 1: We will work on commercials and explore various techniques to get your best read, including Point Of View. 

Week 2: We will work on promos to tap into the unique rhythm of promos and inform your instincts. 

Week 3: We will combine the approaches we’ve learned and get you ready to tackle any audition.

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