A week before your class starts, you will receive a welcome email with all the details you need for your class.

for any additional questions, feel free to contact the head teacher, sue boyajian, at info@northhollywoodsound.com

Q: do i need experience with voice over or acting to take these classes?

A: For our beginner classes - not at all!  Our classes are a mix of actors and non-actors, those with some experience in a booth, and those who have never used a mic before.  As the classes get more advanced, however, you will need a certain level of experience.  If you are not sure whether you are ready for a certain class, feel free to contact the head teacher, Sue Boyajian.

Q: will i be creating a demo in class?

A: We do NOT create demos in class.  That is a separate entity.  But we WILL discuss what to put on a demo and help give you the skills to create one, particularly in our demo workshops offered throughout the year.

Q: will i be ready to create a demo after i finish my class?

A: Most students are encouraged to complete a curriculum of classes before considering to create a demo.  In reality, after one beginner's class, a student is likely not going to be prepared to do so.  Our teachers are very honest with their students about if/when they are ready.  Everyone has their own pace.

Q: What should i bring to class?

A: You will be provided a folder where you can keep any handouts and copy your teacher gives you.  We also encourage you to bring something to take notes on, a pencil, two different colored highlighters, water, and a flash drive that we can put your recordings on.

Q: how large are the classes?

A: The classes have a maximum of 12 people.  We want to make sure our students get plenty of practice in the booth and individualized attention.

Q: how far in advance should i book a class?

A: It's never too far in advance to sign up for a class.  They can fill up quickly.  On average, we would suggest signing up at least a month beforehand.

Q: What is the parking situation?

A: There is plenty of street parking available.

Q: what if i can't make one of the days for my class?

A: Students are allowed one make-up day.  Many classes take place over 6 days.  If you can only make 5 of those days, you will be allowed to make-up that day the next time the class takes place.  (Note: This is not true for workshops, which only last one or two days.)

Q: what is your refund/cancellation policy?

A: If you have paid for a class but find you cannot attend, you will be given a full refund as long as you cancel two weeks before the starting date.

Q: will this class get me an agent?

A: No.  But this is a subject teachers will discuss.  Our students are encouraged to ask questions about this industry.  Our teachers are experienced and have tons of information to pass on!