“Sue and Roger are geniuses in what they do. I had taken classes at other studios before but the classes at Voiceover Connection are on another level. They care about their students here and the amount of information you learn is never ending. The abundance of feedback you get is truly remarkable and so crucial to improving as an actor. They are always available for questions and the fun you will have in this class will make you wish you signed up sooner! The price is reasonable and they are very honest (yet kind) about your skill level and what next steps to take in your career. Thank you Sue for giving me the confidence I needed to get out of my own way and trust in what I learned through your guidance!”

-Becca Diamond

Keythe was great!  He gave really good adjustments and had honest feedback. Thank you for finding such enthusiastic and intelligent casting folks to teach us. 
I've done classes at other studios where the "educators" are clearly there just for the paycheck and that is absolutely not not the case at your studio!

- Kelli

Hi Rick,

I just gotta say how much I've enjoyed the voiceover connection and the program you all have created over there.  Thank you doesn't really show the appreciation I feel for Sue and The Voiceover Connection.  It has been such an amazing experience, that really grew the seed of voice acting in me.  And a note about Sue, I'm sure you hear this all the time, but she is an AMAZING teacher.   She have such a positive attitude and can really convey what she wants to hear from the actors.  Also, she has such a great ear, that she can pick up on the smallest detail of a character and create something totally new an unexpected.

Please know, I've recommended this program to anyone that asks me about doing VO work, or classes.

Thanks again!

-Sarina Neer

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I took your class over at the VO Connection, but I wanted to extend my most heartfelt thanks! The classes I took at The VO Connection really helped me hone in on what I need to work on and the direction I should be taking my Voice Over career. 

The guest directors were fabulous and I even got signed to VOX for VO representation! How crazy awesome is that!? I'm telling everyone to come take your classes. 

Thanks again, Sue! I look forward to taking more classes with you and the VO Connection soon!

- Tom

 "Oh Sue...thank you so much for everything! Your support and hard work is amazing! I am so excited we met you! I believe that people cross paths for reason and I can see ours! Mason just loves you so much. He talks about you a lot! Here is a picture of just you and Mason. See you soon!"

-Cindy McNulty


"I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the effort that you and the guys and gals at the voice over connection put into your classes. In just the 3 classes I've attended and participated in I have learned and grown so much more than I ever could've in Arizona. It is clear that if you want to become great you have to go where the talent is. I am so blessed to have discovered you guys when doing a random search for workshops. You were definitely right, it is a very fast paced and intimidating world out there. One that a will admit I was not as prepared for as I thought. But you, Roger, and the rest of my class mates have been so welcoming it has helped bolster my belief in myself. The talent and abilities I am surrounded with in these classes are so great that it helps push me further and further each class. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gifts with me. And thank you for inviting Jason Tuesday night to share his vast knowledge as well. Too sum up I just want to say, WOW! Thank you! I am currently back in Mesa visiting my beautiful and wonderful wife for her birthday and Valentine's Day. As much as it pains me too leave her again on Monday, I can't wait to get back and see what else I'll learn at class! I hope that you and Roger and everyone else will continue to not hold back and push me as far as I can go!"

-Jordan Borrego

"I gotta be honest, what truly caught my eye when [a friend] shared your amazing 3 week class WAS the opportunity to be directed by one of my most highly respected influences and "web-mentors" since the start of my voice over voyage. With a 3 year wait limit for his class who wouldn't jump at the opportunity for even a minute in the booth with Bob Bergen!?  After seeing his segment on "I Know That Voice", I binge-watched countless YouTube interviews, took copious notes, bookmarked his website and binge watched more cartoons than I had when I was 10. His gumption at 14 astonished me. His ability to jump into the deep end, head first into a career he was passionate about was truly inspiring to me. I mean, who picks up the phone and CALLS Mel Blanc?!...At 14! 

His approach to the business and openness to SHARE and teach, his advice and 'secrets of success' with a no BS, "this is how it is folks" approach, had me drinking the kool-aid gallon after gallon. 

In other words, I cannot thank you enough for this amazing, eye-opening trio of classes Miss Sue. Not only was last night, and the previous 2 classes, a true gift and wealth of knowledge but it was reinforcement (for all of us I'm certain) that this business IS worth fighting for as a career, not just a hobby. 

After class, the brilliant Bri snapped a few photos. A group of us celebrated what will hopefully will be one of many post-workout networking meet ups with an awesome group of talented new frids. I will most definitely be keeping an eye out for new classes."

-Dan Foster

I was referred to Miss Sue, and WOW, was I in for a pleasant experience! I am returning to acting after a long hiatus raising our children, and although years ago I made a living in voice over work, I needed a refresher course. I learned SO much from Miss Sue, I was flabbergasted! She is an amazing, extremely talented, real, and thoughtful instructor, who gives constructive, and honest feedback, excellent guidance, and kindly shares her professional experiences all to the benefit of those in the class. I was so impressed that I have continued to sign up for more classes. I have done 3 sessions and am scheduled for 3 more! I think the way to advance one’s career is to keep studying and practicing. I believe there is no better way to learn about the work than to work with those who are working, and Sue’s professional approach to teaching with kindness and honesty is the perfect combination to get the best from those lucky enough to participate is such a great program.

I must also mention the great talents of Roger Scott and Zehra Fazal who are also amazing, and the great Briana, who was our awesome engineer. These teachers are dedicated to their work, and it shows.

The lessons I have learned from these classes have helped me in all my auditions, on camera and off, the information is beyond useful. In addition, the classes were enjoyable and it has been great meeting groups of fun and talented actors. I am thankful for all these teachers, all that I have absorbed, and I look forward to more classes.  



"Sue Boyajian's "Introduction to Voiceover" class was absolutely amazing! You couldn't ask for a better teacher. Sue clearly knows her stuff and has the experience to prove it. Beyond that, she is warm, engaging, funny, and ridiculously talented. She also knows how to create a completely safe and friendly environment for a bunch of newbees to get into the booth and in front of the mike, so that they can start discovering what voiceover is all about. You don't need to look anywhere else for a voiceover class. You've already found the best."

- David Callander

"I enrolled my kids, aged 10 and 11, in Susan Boyajian’s  “Beginning Voice Acting for Young Actors” series.    I jumped at the chance for them to learn from an accomplished voice actor at a time during the week where we didn’t have other commitments.   

The studio is state-of-the-art and gorgeous!   The control room is big and comfortable.   The engineer copies the relevant clips for your child onto a USB drive that you bring with you each time.  This is very helpful for home practice! 

There is an adjoining “green room” with Wi-Fi where parents can hang out.   I stayed for every class and listened while being out of sight.   

The curriculum includes commercials, animation, one liners, partner and group reads.  Copy is provided but Miss Sue also encouraged the kids to bring in some copy they were excited about.  They had a lot of fun writing their own commercials.   I’m going to repeat that:  my kids actually had fun writing and editing their own stuff.  Amazing! 

Miss Sue has positive coaching techniques down pat--she is wonderful!    My kids wish every day was a Voice Over Saturday!  Sue's focus is to get the kids to take direction and make the delivery sound real in a way they can understand.    She pushes them gently to expand their vocal “wheel house,” instill confidence, learn studio etiquette and be ready for more intermediate level learning.  She is entertaining and the kids love that she performed on Spongebob Squarepants! 

If your child is a good reader and has an interest in acting, it is a real privilege to have them attend this classy school on Saturday afternoons.  Go for it!"

-Nathan D. Carlson, MD

"I wanted to thank you for the words of encouragement after class last night. As you know, acting can be a lonely road at times, where you often dwell in a professional vacuum till a stranger asks you in to their room to see "what you can do for them". Words of encouragement are few and far between. I can't thank you enough, especially for your no-nonsense approach in a fun environment!"

-Josh McHugh

Class with Susan Boyajian, has been transforming. Never have taking voiceover class before, I was curious and excited to learn, and Sue was the best teacher and mentor that I could’ve ever asked for. Working with her has given me the confidence and knowledge to follow a career in voiceover acting, and to really accomplish my goals in this business. The technique and philosophy that she teaches is a motivating and inspiring system to really approach copy in a efficient way to come out with a successful and interesting piece. Sue is the BEST!

-Cole Keener

"I truly, absolutely LOVED the class!  It was one of the best classes I have ever taken.  Rick, Mark and Chuck did an excellent job of providing all of us with comprehensive, relevant and honest information on the ins and outs of making and marketing our demos.  Each of them were very personable and made you feel at ease... Most of all, the class was a lot of fun, from my fellow students to the instructors.  Three hours went by in no time at all!"




“Sue and Roger are geniuses in what they do. I had taken classes at other studios before but the classes at Voiceover Connection are on another level. They care about their students here and the amount of information you learn is never ending. The abundance of feedback you get is truly remarkable and so crucial to improving as an actor. They are always available for questions and the fun you will have in this class will make you wish you signed up sooner! The price is reasonable and they are very honest (yet kind) about your skill level and what next steps to take in your career. Thank you Sue for giving me the confidence I needed to get out of my own way and trust in what I learned through your guidance!”

-Becca Diamond



"My name is Rose, and this past November- December I had the joy of taking Sue Boyajian's Intro to VoiceOver class. I went into the class knowing virtually nothing about this line of work, and left feeling empowered, craving more, and with a strong sense of my capabilities. Sue's caring style, her honest critiques, and her incredible talent have served as the impetus for my reentering the world of entertainment after a very long lapse. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the class. You have a wonderful teacher in Sue, and Zack was an outstanding sound engineer. I am most grateful for this outstanding experience."

-Rose Sevilla

"To all my actor friends, want to treat yourself to some fun this holiday season? Do yourself a HUGE favor and check out www.TheVoiceoverConnection.com. I took their intro class - taught by the AMAZING Susan Boyajian. If you've ever thought you might enjoy exploring Voiceover work, start here! Sue is SO SUPPORTIVE and really knows her stuff - and the business. I had SO MUCH FUN. Seriously, I can't say enough good things about Sue and The Voiceover Connection. Do it!"


"I just finished the 6 week Casting Director workshop with Donna Grillo and companyat North Hollywood Sound/The Voiceover Connection, run by Sue Boyajian and Rick Dasher...I feel so much more confident, getting real information and helpful direction from Wes and Donna.The biggest change I've seen in myself since I started working with Sue Boyajian and The VoiceOver Connection is my level of confidence.  I feel so much more confident of my choices, what I bring to the party, the acting that is required of VO actors - it's not about doing voices, it's about acting. Although that sounds like "duh" to most people, to some people it's a shift in thinking... I can recommend The VoiceOver Connection without any doubts or reservations to anyone who wants to win as a VO artist!

-Anoush Nevart

"The workout group was a Cut Above.  I am so impressed with Zehra. We did warm up physical & vocal exercises, read our own copy or  selected copy which Zehra brought (I chose to bring  some of my audition stuff).  We did solo reads and  partner reads  and  I was also thrilled to see all nine of us are from VO Connection so we were on the same level and in sync.  Great harmony. I have been to about 5 other VO workshops in town and   Zehra's is  the Best so you can put me on the permanent list, as it's well worth my time & money."


I jut got a little tear-eyed! I am so impressed by Roger, that was an experience I will never forget. Dolores would be proud and honored to know the passion you have inspired in me and all the others- Mike Minkler especially! Chuck Duran said it best (unforgettable): hang out with those who make a million dollars, it will inspire you to the same! I love you first, and now Roger! Thank you again. See you soon!

-Brian Cote

I just wanted to let you know that Cheyenne went in for three [auditions] last Thursday and the recording person came out and asked me "where did she take her voice over lessons"?  We told him about The Voiceover Connection and gave him your information. He told me that "it was worth every penny that we spent there".  We only had to do one take for each of the 3 characters that she auditioned for and that's impressive for a 9 year old.  He said she was able to get into character within minutes and didn't miss a word on the script. He can hear a big difference in her tone, characters and confidence."

-Anh Nguyen

"Thank you so much for a wonderful 6 weeks! The kids loved your class! I honestly think they would have gone every day if they could have. I appreciate all you did for the kids and all that you taught them!"  


"I just wanted to send you a special "THANK YOU" for this class.  All of your efforts are greatly appreciated.  Charlotte had a great time & enjoyed it more than you will know.  Again, thank you.  We hope to see you again soon!!!"

-Jennifer & Charlotte


"This was a really special experience for me... I cannot remember the last time a class has effected me so much. I'm so grateful to you (and your team) that made all of that possible. You honestly are such a fabulous teacher. It's really made a difference for me at this point in my life."


"Of course, you were completely right…he is an absolute doll and a total joy to work with.  Loved his energy and easy style.  He is a wonderful teacher and a hilarious actor. Sooo much fun!  Can't say enough about how great he is... pure adoration for The Rog.

-Jylian Sy

"My name is Jason Blanco and I am student at the VO Connection. And I wanted to write an email to you regarding the staff at your school.

Let me start off by saying that I am very picky when it comes to school/classes, be it public or private. And I usually tend audit a class and not come back. Sometimes I go as far as paying for an entire session of classes and not attend. And end up writing in for a refund because I just did not fit in the class, too many students or the teachers curriculum I disagreed with. 

I met Sue in my neighborhood and she kept telling me about this class she taught. I was pretty unsure but she ultimately convinced me. The first week of my beginning VO class, I got laid off from Disney. I panicked and my first thought was I should get a refund. But my significant other convinced me to try it out, as I wanted to star acting and thought this would be a good first step. So I did. And it was one of the best decisions I made.

Sue is amazing. She is very fun, supportive, and creates a comfortable non-judgmental environment that fosters growth and instills confidence in her students. She knew when to push, how to challenge, and when to let her students just be themselves. This is EXACTLY what I look for in a teacher. 

After my beginning class was over, Sue recommended that I move on to the intermediate course. I immediately was in, until I heard that someone else would be teaching the first 3 weeks. This threw me off; and I was very hesitant. But again, Sue knew what she was talking about and convinced me to go. And I did.

If you took Sue's teachings and philosophy, and turned it into a coin, Roger would be the tails to that coin. They both have a different approach to character development, breaking down scripts, and VO in general, their styles compliment each other perfectly.   Roger is a blast. He is funny, charming, and a great teacher.   His teaching style is very quick, turn on a dime direction, but its not jarring. This allowed Roger to  instill trust in his students. And it worked. 

I hope to see additional classes that branch out of what we touch upon in the intermediate sessions. I would love to see a specific set of classes dedicated to Animation, Video Games, and Comedy... I really wanted you to know how great Sue and Roger are. They care for the well being of their students, both young and old-and in this cash/business only "world" we live in now, it is a breath of fresh air.   

Well I think I have said enough... I can't wait for the advanced class next week."

-Jason Blanco

"After living in Los Angeles for (fill-in-the-blank) years, I’m sure you’ve heard several stories about “the industry.”  Sadly the loudest stories, are usually the bad ones.  But after taking classes at The Voiceover Connection, I have learned to use my voice, and I want to share the good ones!  Sue Boyajian and Mark Sussman are the good ones.  They are the great ones.  Being in the booth can be a scary place but, after working with Sue and Mark, you will become more fearless, more fun, and more able to quiet down any bad stories that may still linger in your head.  My agent (at Osbrink) told me, “Once you meet Sue, she’s yours,” and that couldn’t be more true.  She is magnetic.  She loves what she does, and she is soo good at it!  Watching her work will surely inspire you.  As will Mark.  He has accomplished so much by the general law- that what you give to the world, is what you receive.  That is one of the most inspiring things that any of us can hear and watch.  Take a class.  Create your own story.  And I promise you, it will be a great one."

-Anais Fairweather


"My son Alek and I were talking about how nice it was being in Sue's class. He really enjoyed the Voice Over experience she gave him and the lessons that she taught him! Its has been crazy the past few weeks with Alek and auditions. Alek went in and read for a Voice Over agent AND they LOVED him! In the end they put him on their roster as a client!! It wouldn't have happened without Sue's amazing skills! I wanted to touch base with you and let you know Sue left an amazing impression on our hearts!"