07.08.19 Career Fundamentals for Advanced Level Students

07.08.19 Career Fundamentals for Advanced Level Students

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Want to learn directly from the industry's best and increase your odds of success? Dee Bradley, Kelly Moscinski and Wes Stevens lead a three part course designed to give you everything you need to succeed.  Learn how to approach auditions, get important feedback and all the tools you need for a thriving career.  All students get booth time. 

July 8th: Dee Bradley Baker  -Voiceover Talent
Hard working Hollywood A-list voice actor Dee Bradley Baker brings over two decades of voice acting experience to his teaching. He has worked on hundreds of animated television shows as well as many top feature films and video games. His vocal range both for human and inhuman characters is legendary. Dee’s prominent characters include Daffy Duck (Space Jam), Klaus (American Dad), Perch Perkins and Squilliam (Spongebob) and Perry the Platypus (Phineas and Ferb) and Momo and Appa (The Last Airbender). Dee maintains the world standard online resource for voiceactors, iwanttobeavoiceactor.comand brings uniquely informed insight to his teaching.

July 15th: Wes Stevens - CEO and Founder, VOX, INC. 
Wes has advocated for talent for 17 years. He started in Columbus, Ohio at a small agency booking Ginsu Knife commercials in Tagalog and various other exotic tongues, while also marshalling elves and Sammy Davis, Jr. impersonators to gigs at malls and Shriner rallies. In 1995 Wes joined Talent Group, Inc. (TGI) in Los Angeles as an assistant. Seven years later, he acquired TGI's voice-over department and launched VOX, Inc. His first booking of note was placing David Hyde Pierce in "A Bugs Life" and the journey took him back to Pixar in 2009, placing Ed Asner in "Up". Along that road there have been many campaigns, series, films, fond memories, and fun. Wes loves his staff and is excited for the ever growing future of VOX, Inc.

July 22nd: Kelly Moscinski- Owner and Head of Casting at The Voicecaster
Moscinski is the owner and Head of Casting at The Voicecaster – one of the top VO casting houses in the country, celebrating almost 45 years of service! She received her Master of Arts degree in Directing and Writing for Stage, Commercial, Film & TV. With over 15 years of experience in acting, directing, and casting, Kelly not only casts and directs all things voiceover, but she also teaches all levels from beginning to working pro. Some notable clients include Honda,Burger King, Microsoft, Old Navy, Best Buy, Kraft, and many more!!!

3 Weeks, 3 hours per class
Course Total $250

Or Deposit - $135
& Final Payment - $115

Begins July 8th

Mondays 7:00 to 10:00 PM

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