03.10.20 Intermediate Voice Acting: Commercial and Animation

03.10.20 Intermediate Voice Acting: Commercial and Animation

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This Intermediate Level class will be a split class: Roger Scott will teach the first three weeks, focusing on fundamentals of character development with comedic/humorous commercial copy. Susan Boyajian will teach the last three weeks, continuing the application of character development applied to animation copy. This class is reserved for those students who have already completed Susan's six week introductory class and/or those students who can demonstrate they are beyond a beginning level through either their previous voiceover education or practical experience.

-  Solo, dialogue and group work with comedic/humorous copy
-  Focus on creating and sustaining comedic characters
-  Development of techniques for making each read unique and personal
-  How to make "x factor" a part of every performance
-  Original copy -- each student will write, cast and direct their own piece of commercial copy
-  Being comfortable with Characters in your wheel house
-   Having fun and letting go!

6 Weeks, 3 Hours per Class
Course Total $435
Classes begin March 10th
Tuesdays 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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